Salon Facial Treatments

There are many different types of spa . Some facials are designed to be relaxing experiences during which the skin is moisturized and pampered, while other are more clinical in nature, aimed at producing dramatic results, such as visibly younger-looking skin. Although most visitors to spas are women, more men are now choosing to receive spa also.

Facial Massages

aestheticians, or beauty therapists, often combine facial massages with the use of serums and other nutrient dense creams. Your face is first cleansed with a wet wash cloth, then the therapists uses her hands to massage your skin in upward circular motions. Vitamin C serums and other creams are massaged into your skin. Most salons offer several treatments for different skin types, as well as specific treatments for acne or anti-aging. Facial massages are recommended once or twice per month.


The hydrafacial is a salon treatment that hydrates the skin with specialized serums and exfoliating tools. An aesthetician uses a non-laser resurfacing tool to remove dead skin cells and infuse serum into the skin at the same time. This treatment is non-invasive and very relaxing. Various serums are used for different skin types and individual needs. Most spas recommend getting a hydrafacial every 6 weeks.

Laser Genesis

The laser genesis treatment is only available in some salons and spas, and must be performed by someone licensed in laser therapy. This treatment involves the use of lasers to resurface and rejuvenate the skin. The lasers help to improve skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment also helps to improve softness and clarity of the skin. Treatments are usually done on a bi-weekly basis until desired results are achieved.

Light Treatments

Light treatments involve the use of specialized LED red, blue and amber lights to stimulate cell renewal. Red and amber lights tone and tighten the skin, which is beneficial for anti-aging, and blue light kills acne-causing bacteria. Many spas combine red, blue and amber light treatments in one treatment package. Treatments are usually done once per week for 6-8 weeks.

Mud Masks

Mud masks are old-fashioned treatments that are still used in many salons and spas. Most masks include specialized clays and mud to pull out toxins and nourish the skin with minerals.


Many salons also combine extraction treatments with standard facials. A uses special extraction tools to extract blackheads and white heads from the skin.

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