Set up a School Carpool

Driving your children to school can seem like an endless chore, particularly if you have more than one child and they attend different schools. To save time, gas and stress try setting up a system with a few moms from your child’s grade, who live in or close to your neighborhood.


1.Talk to other moms at your child’s school to see if they live in or around your neighborhood. Ask them if they’d be interested in working out a carpool schedule.
2.Find your school’s family directory listing all families, grade levels and addresses.
3.Determine if there are any families that match with your neighborhood area and your child’s arrival and dismissal time.
4.Call the families to see if they may be interested in participating in a carpool. Ask if there are any days that work better or worse for each family.
5.Set up a schedule with all interested families, determining what days and times work best for each. Make sure responsibilities are distributed evenly.
6.Print out a weekly carpool schedule for each participating family, including names of parents, children, addresses and phone numbers. Include a note if a child who normally is in the carpool won’t be there on a certain day.

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