Solutions for a Leaking Roof

The of a home is just as essential as a home’s foundation. However, when a home’s begins to leak, it could be a simple issue to remedy or a problematic one that could could cause damage to the home’s interior and its contents. Nevertheless, while a may seem like an overwhelming problem, there are several ways to remedy it using such materials as tar and gravel, tarp covering, or rubber peel and stick repair.
Tarp Covering
If you cannot afford costly repairs to a leaking roof, then a tarp cover is a great short-term solution for a leaking roof. Roof tarps are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Simply remove the roof tarp from its packaging and spread it across the leaking portion of your home’s roof. You can opt to add bricks or heavy objects to keep the tarp stable in case of wind and storms. Roof tarps will also keep any water from leaking inside the home and also benefits the the leaking area itself. In keeping water from further weathering, roof tarps can prevent extensive damage to an already leaking roof.
Rubber Peel And Stick
Rubber peel and stick repair consists of rubber pieces that have a peel and stick concept, with pre-set adhesive attached to the back of rubber pieces, eliminating messy glues. Simply locate the leak and stick the rubber pieces over the leak. Press firmly and allow the adhesive to set into place. These are used for small areas where leaks occur and are not meant for use on a large section or an entire roof.
Tar And Gravel
Tar and gravel is an easy way to repair a roof where leaking occurs in patches or specific areas. First, locate your leak. Leaks usually occur where water settles after a few days of rain. After you have located the leak, you will need a few buckets of tar and asphalt-saturated fabric. Using a utility knife, cut any areas of the roof where water is seeping through and allow these areas to dry out completely. Once the areas have dried out, you may then begin to place tar in the leaking areas. Place the cut potion of the roof in the tar. Then take your asphalt fabric and place it over the tar and saturate the fabric with the tar until the tar shows through. Take your piece of cut roof and place it over the tar-stained fabric. Apply gravel to the area. This is not only easy to perform by a contractor or by a homeowner, but it is also fairly inexpensive with items that can be purchased at a home improvement store.

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