Stage a House: Swift-Sale Secrets

Selling a home quickly requires a multi-pronged strategy that includes setting the price appropriately, sprucing up and making targeted home improvements and staging your in a way that makes buyers feel at home. Just before you put your on the market take time evaluate the current interior design, then take time to stage your home. While you can hire a professional home stager or real estate agent who can assist you with the staging of your home, you can also do it yourself by following some simple steps and tips offered by professionals.

Maximize Your Home’s Floor Space

Stage your home in a way that maximizes space. Most prospective buyers are looking for lots of square footage and storage space, not overstuffed closets and rooms full of baby toys. If your home looks or feels cramped, buyers get the impression that your home is too small for them.

The best way to maximize space is to de-clutter. Remove personal items like photos and mementos that can distract buyers and prevent them from envisioning themselves in your home. Make sure your home is clean and walkways are clear. You’ll also want to remove large pieces of furniture that are too large for the size of a room. You may have to buy or rent smaller furniture, but it will be well worth the cost when your home sells. Painting your walls a light color can also give the illusion of a larger space.

Highlight Features Buyers Want

Kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces are big selling features in homes, so highlight them. Use high-end materials in your kitchen and bathroom. You can also use high-end materials around your fireplace, such as granite or marble. Another way to attract buyers’ attention is with color. Choose colors that draw out features of interest to buyers, like a skylight or built-in bookcases, but it’s best to stick with colors from a neutral palette. The last thing you want is potential buyers muttering about having to repaint.

Increase Your Home’s Lighting

Turn on the lights. Prospective buyers need to see what they’re buying. If your home lacks a lot of natural light, buy additional lighting. You can purchase lighting fixtures that are designed to emit lots of light, or simply buy several lamps that match your décor and place them throughout your home’s dark areas. Using light-colored paint on walls is also an effective tool to help your home look brighter.

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