Stripper Film Gets Its Leading Lady

Now that they’ve put together the cast of all-star abs that will populate the male strip club in Stephen Soderbergh’s upcoming film, “,” it’s time to fill the female leads.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, up and coming been cast in the film, playing the sister to Alex Pettyfer’s character and the love interest of . The film, of course, is based on Tatum’s real-life stripper experiences and the mentor who took him under his wing; in the movie, Tatum will play that mentor, and Pettyfer will take on the character inspired by Tatum (so, hopefully, Horn doesn’t get confused by who she is supposed to kiss).

Horn will also have a recurring role in “The Office” this season, with TV Line reporting that she’ll be involved in a romance with one of the cast members.

Just 23 years old, Horn has a number of credits to her name; she had a recurring role on “Rescue Me,” and recently finished filming “Violet & Daisy” with James Gandolfini.

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