The Best All Natural Shampoo for Dyed Hair

Nothing looks more polished than an updo accented by a sparkly headband. Few are as easy to do and as impressive to look at. Get the effortlessly glam look simply by pulling your hair into a bun and sliding on a thin headband or two. You can rock the upswept look for any type of event or outing, such as an elegant wedding reception, a hot dinner date or lunch with your girlfriends.

1.Pull your medium-to-long-length hair up and wrap it into a bun in the middle of your head, using a classic movie star as elegant style inspiration. Secure the bun with an elastic band. If you prefer a more casual look, create a basic ponytail instead of a bun.

2.There are times when you want your bun or ponytail to look sleek, but this isn’t one of them. Pull the hair at the top of your head slightly, as well as around the elastic band, to loosen it and keep the style from looking too severe.

3.Slip one thin headband onto your head, about five inches from your hairline, to add instant interest to the updo. Place a second headband three inches in front of the original one.

4.Keep the updo in place all day or night by lightly spraying it with a nonaerosol hairspray.

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