The Ocarina

The ceramic is a musical wind instrument that is a type of vessel flute. , and a tortoise-shaped that was found in the remains of the Mayan civilization.

The modern Budrio or ten hole ocarina was invented by Italian Giuseppe Donati in 1853. Giuseppe Donati was a seventeen year old musician and baker that lived in Budrio, Italy.
The History of the Ocarina Flute
The modern Budrio ocarina, now simply ocarina, is a popular wind-instrument belonging to the family of flutes – invented by Giuseppe Donati at Budrio in 1853.
Ocarina History
The ocarina or vessel flute, first appeared approximately 10,000 years ago. Italian musician, Giuseppe Donati, invented the modern 10-hole ocarina.
History of the Ocarina
They remained a popular toy for more than 340 years until 17 year old musician-baker Guiseppe Donati of Budrio (near Bologna) Italy, transformed them from a toy which only played a few notes,into a real instrument which could play more than an octave accurately. Guiseppe Donati originated the first pitched diatonic scale ocarinas.

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