The Steps to a “Messy Bun” Evening Look

The look is a fresh update to the . Despite their name, messy buns are not only for bad hair days. This relaxed version of the quickly transforms straight or curly hair into an elegant, deliberate hairstyle that is often sported by celebrities and style icons the world over. Fashioned from a simple ponytail, this effortless hairstyle is perfect for formal and evening events.

    Styling Tools

Getting your tools in order is the first step to creating the perfect “messy bun” evening look. Select a sturdy comb, preferably with a narrow, pointed handle. A comb with wide teeth works well for curly and frizzy hair. If you use a brush, try a flat brush for a smoother result. Avoid round brushes which can snag the hair and create bumps. The goal here is to smooth your hair and eliminate tangles. Select several metal hair pins and an elastic band that closely match your hair color to hold the bun in place. These do not need to be decorative. A light hairspray or finishing cream is the final touch.

Shampoo and thoroughly dry your hair. Comb or brush through any tangles, beginning at the hairline and smoothing completely through to the ends. Apply a frizz reduction product if you have curly or frizzy hair.

Once your hair is clean and prepped, decide on the placement of your bun. For a high ballerina style bun, your hair will all be pulled atop your head. To create a lower chignon bun, your hair will stay at the nape of your neck.
    Style It

Comb or brush your hair into a ponytail in the desired location, and secure with an elastic band. Smooth out any bumps with the comb or brush. Wrap the ponytail around the elastic band to form a loose coil, and secure the bun with the metal hair pins. For a tighter hold, slip the long end of the metal pin onto just the edge of the bun, rotate the pin, then slide the rest of the pin into the bun to secure it.
    Finishing Touches

Gently pull strands out of the bun to create an intentionally messy look. Use your fingers or the comb’s pointed handle to draw select hairs free. Check periodically with a hand mirror to ensure a balanced proportion. Pull thin strands from the hairline to frame the face, if desired, and apply a hair finishing cream with your hands to control loose hairs once they are free. Keep the completed messy bun hairstyle in check with hairspray. A hairspray that contains glitter is often a fun choice, as it adds a subtle shimmer while providing a hold.

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