Tina Majorino Biography (1985-)

From her memorable role in the made-for-television Alice in Wonderland (1999) to feature roles in Waterworld (1995) and Andre (1994), has made a lasting impression in television and film with her youthful glow. Born Albertina Marie Majorino in Westlake, CA, in 1985, Majorino began her career as an in a series of television commercials. Soon making her formal television debut alongside future Oscar winner Hilary Swank in Camp Wilder, the busy young would soon have three substantial film roles — in movies that opened within three months of one another — at the tender age of ten. Following the triple threat of When a Man Loves a Woman, Corrina, Corrina, and Andre (all 1994), Majorino was soon back in the saddle with Waterworld and gearing up for an even busier year in 1997. With three made-for-television features and a big-screen effort in the same year, it was hard for the 12-year-old black belt to practice Tang Soo Do, much less pursue any other outside interests. Following her role in the lavish television production of Alice in Wonderland in 1999, it came as no surprise that Majorino sought a little time out of the limelight, though audiences could rest assured that she would return in good time.


  1. VR

    February 19, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Ive seen the movie “waterworld” ten years ago if im not mistaken.today i just watched it again and out of curiosity, i wonder how this cute child “tina” looks like after a decade..i googled her, and i was shock,shes gorgeous, i think i fell inlove with her..=) i hope that she can make another film…best luck Miss Tina….- vr from philippines

  2. Rach

    March 15, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    I saw her today while at a cafe, I immediately recognized her as “Debbie” from Napoleon Dynamite. 🙂 I got a pic and an autograph!!!

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