To make fruit juice concentrate

fruit-juice-concentrate can be made by concentrating any variety of fruits, although the most commonly used fruits are apples, grapes, and pears. Some fruits are processed into stripped , where the color and flavor of the fruit are removed—effectively leaving sugar water.

  •     To make , the selected fruits are harvested, inspected for quality, and washed.
  •     After harvesting, the fruit is ground and pressed in order to extract juice.
  •     To extract the sugar, enzymes are added to the fruit during the grinding process to break down the cell walls of the fruit pulp. Different enzymes are used for different fruits.
  •     The pulp also can go through high temperature treatment to help break down the cells.
  •     Next, the juice goes through further processing to clarify it and strip out the fruit’s taste, aroma, vitamins, and minerals. In this stage, the liquid will be treated a second time with enzymes, such as pectinase and amylase, to improve the concentration of the juice.
  •     Before the liquid is further concentrated, it passes through activated carbon to remove impurities.
  •     Through there, the water is taken off the juice through focus. During this stage, juice processors either evaporate water on the juice or freeze it and get rid of the ice crystals.
  •     Finally, the juice is put into storage, for example, in steel tanks, until it is ready to be used or shipped.

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