Top 10 Things Dogs Eat Other Than Food

dog-ballHere are ’ 10 favourite things to eat other than food:

10. Sticks: They’re a popular fetch and gnaw toy, but don’t let your pups eat them afterward.
9. Hair Ties: Be careful of rubber bands and hair ties, because pups can accidentally swallow them.
8. Bones: They often smell like the food that was once on them. Many are choking hazards or get lodged in a pup’s tummy.
7. Corn Cobs: Not just before they’re cooked — sometimes dogs think you missed a spot on your already-eaten corn cobs.
6. Chew Toys: What dog doesn’t have toys?! But make sure any items with loose or small parts are properly discarded afterward.
5. Balls: In the mouth for fetching is A-OK, but choose a ball that can’t fit down your dog’s throat.
4. Rocks: Well, they’re round like a ball, but these are not meant to be caught or swallowed.
3. Panty Hose: These can get lodged in your dog’s mouth, and he can eat a wadded-up ball of a knee-high, so watch out.
2. Underwear: They’re most definitely not food, but some dogs want to eat undies. Umm, gross.
1. Socks: Put a sock in it! The No. 1 item that this vet saw in dogs’ tummies was a sock.

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