Unique Homemade Children’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween provides a great opportunity for kids to dress up in many kinds of unusual and costumes. You can create costumes for parties and trick or treating that will guarantee your child will be the only one with the costume. Get a head start on these ideas and enjoy watching your child steal the show.

  Food Ideas

Create original food-related costumes by recycling clothing items. For example, take a pair of green coveralls and open the seam between the legs and sew them together with holes for your child’s legs near the bottom edge. Stuff the section between the legs with pillows or cotton batting and add halved green Styrofoam balls down the center of the coveralls to make your child a green bean or pea pod. You can also take one of Dad’s old shirts and dye it red. Sew the shirt tails together with openings for the legs and pack the costume with pillows or other soft packing and add black dots to create a strawberry costume you can top with a green hat.
Animal Ideas

Use an old pair of brown footy pajamas to make your child a kangaroo costume. Sew a long tail in the back and add a pouch in the front. Add brown mittens for paws and tuck a doll or stuffed animal in the pouch. Add ears on a brown hood and decorate your child’s face with cosmetics. Encourage your child to hop as she moves. Leave off the pouch and use a short stumpy tail instead and your child can pretend to be a bear. Encourage growling noises and accessorizing with a honeycomb or honey pot.
    Thing Ideas

Create a book costume using two rectangular pieces of fabric for the front, back and side pieces connecting them to represent the spine and pages of the book. Create a firm framework for the costume using corset boning or tubes along the seams of the book where you insert thin dowel rods or thin PVC rods. Decorate the cover and add your favorite title. Another option is to wrap your child in yarn, making him a ball of yarn. Tack a toy cat on the front of the costume with a few well-placed stitches on the cat’s feet to make your ball of yarn mimic a large cat toy.
   People Ideas

Make your child a white apron and chef’s hat. Add some food stains and give her a spoon or small pot to make her a chef. You can also take some old clothes you don’t want anymore and run several strands of thread through the sleeves and pant legs to shorten the shirt and pants enough so the child won’t trip over them. The child can then pretend to be a shrunken version of you.

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