White Corner Tricks With Eye Makeup

A collection of tricks can serve you well, helping to make you as pretty and perky as possible. White eye shadow can be an indispensable tool for adding zip and zing to eyes. Whether you pulled an all-nighter or you just want an eye-opening experience, try some with .
White Eye Shadow

Make your peepers really pop by carefully applying a “V” of white eye shadow at the inner corners of both eyes. Load up an eye shadow brush with white sparkly eye shadow and touch the brush bristles lightly at the inner corner right above the tear duct. Sweep the brush out in a vertical line and a diagonal line, each about 1/4 inch long, to make a sideways “V” just above the tear duct at the inner corner of each eye.
Other Pale Colors

If white seems too strong or stark, go with a slightly different color to open up your eyes. Choose beige, peach, soft pink or sky blue eye shadow and apply it the same way as you’d apply white, to the inner corners of your eyes.
Light Eye Pencil

If you prefer a little more control, go with a white or light eye shadow pencil instead of the brush. Apply the eye pencil to the inner corners of your eyes. Glide the pencil along your upper and lower lash line, too, and watch your eyes pop wide open glamorously.
Outer Corners

Pair a rich, rosy eye shadow with the light eye shadow for a simple yet bright, combination. Brush on the light eye shadow on the inner halves of your eyelids and the rose shadow over the outer halves of your lids. Glide on a thin line of eyeliner to your upper lids, if you want — you might even find you don’t need eyeliner, though! A few coats of mascara and your winning eyes are ready to rock.

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